SHOCKING AUDIO: “Liwin and his Crew are Insulting Me & Emelia Brobbey because we did ONE CORNER dance” – Kwaku Manu


According to Actor Kwaku Manu,  Nkansah Liwin and his “fetish priest pal ” Topkay are insulting him and Emelia Brobbey because they danced to Patapaa’s One Corner Song.

According to Kwaku Manu,he did not do the One Corner dance to support Patapaa or tease Liwin but he loved the dance and decided to take part in the One Corner Dance Challenge just as he did for Ladder Challenge.

Kwaku Manu also explained how he (Kwaku Manu) made Liwin a BIG star when he (Liwin) was “Nobody”

Listen to the Audio below:

YouTube Preview Image

Watch Emelia Brobbey doing the One Corner Dance:

YouTube Preview Image

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