I have 7 Girlfriends because having only one is close to having none- Floyd Mayweather


Amer­i­can all time best box­er and the Mon­ey Gang mas­ter, Floyd May­weath­er has dis­closed his rea­sons for have up to sev­en ladies he is keep­ing as girlfriends.

He said he has sev­en girl­friends because keep­ing only one is as good as hav­ing none.

The unde­feat­ed box­er ‘Floyd May­weath­er’ also revealed that his fight with for­mer UFC Cham­pi­on, Conor McGre­gor, was his last fight in the ring as a boxer.

May­weath­er made this rev­e­la­tions while speak­ing with Diego from the YouTube chan­nel in an exclu­sive interview.

He also gave his fans an amus­ing insight into his life, from how many women he dates to how much mon­ey is in his bank.

The mul­ti-bil­lion­aire sports­man revealed he has sev­en girl­friends and 25 cars in Las Vegas alone, includ­ing a red Bugat­ti and a yel­low Ferrari.

When he was asked if he has a girl­friend, May­weath­er who was speak­ing to Diego in front of his strip­club in Las Vegas called “Girl Col­lec­tion”, replied by reveal­ing that he is not a man who is loy­al to only one woman.

‘‘How many women I have? Prob­a­bly about sev­en deep. Lucky sev­en. We go out to eat, some of us trav­el togeth­er. Hav­ing one is too close to hav­ing none.’’
Diego also pressed the mon­ey man on his wealth. May­weath­er told him he has sev­er­al bank accounts before being grilled on how much is held in just one of them. ‘$200million, $300million, yeah. In dif­fer­ent accounts,’ he said.
May­weath­er also insist­ed that his mon­ey-spin­ning show­down with Conor McGre­gor in August was def­i­nite­ly the last time he will enter the box­ing ring.
He said; ‘The last fight that I fought, that was the mon­ey fight. For real, because the next fight, they’re going to try and get me to fight an alien on anoth­er planet.’



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