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The Type of Men Most WOMEN prefer – RESEARCH


Why is it that some guys seem to get all the girls while others struggle to snag a single date? It’s not their fault; women are hardwired to go for a certain type of guy. This explains why the “cool guy” stereotype remains more or less unchanged generation after generation. So, according to science, who are these men who are ...

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7 things about love you can never understand


1. Why we feel love for different people at different times: You can love two people at once in different ways or fall-in love with someone twice, the reason behind this can’t be explained. 2. Why we love and cheat: Men and women cheat on their spouses whom they love dearly. It’s not really possible to explain why people tend ...

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An unknown lady sent us this amazing relationship Tips (7 REASONS WHY PEOPLE GO BACK TO THEIR EXES) so we decided to share this with our cherished readers: 1. The feeling that you’ve been through a lot together in terms of history and experiences. This is one reason most people will fall victim to. Personally, I knew my ex for three ...

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Every girl wants to be the one for a guy. You love him right? Anyway do you know that you might not be the only one calling him Bae? Check this out: When he gets a particular call, he leaves the room or tells you to shush So you are watching a movie with “bae” and his phone rings. He ...

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KISSING Now The Leading Risk For Cancer

couple love kissing sad alone miss u wallpapers (10)

Kissing has overtaken smoking and drinking as the leading risk factor for developing head and neck cancers. The humble French kiss can pass on human papilloma virus (HPV), and Head of Maxillofacial and Head and neck Surgery at the Royal Darwin Hospital, Dr Mahiban Thomas, said the virus was responsible for 70% of head and neck cancer cases. Dr Thomas told ...

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7 Bad Habits That can Keep You Lonely Forever


Indeed, having a companion is part of success. Every human being, no matter how successful in other aspects of life, will at some point, in life crave human companionship. This is because humans are social beings by nature, and, candidly speaking, success only becomes truly rewarding when you have people to share it with- or at least show it to. ...

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WATCH HIGHLIGHTS: Funny Face Scores 2 Goals + Stonebwoys’s Performance @Stars Soccer Fiesta Kumasi


Ghanaian Celebrities defeated Blackstars by 8-6 in this year’s Stars Soccer Fiesta match at the Babayara Stadium Kumasi but each goal scored by the “Celebrities Team” counted as double, while that of the Black Stars was recorded as just a goal. Adebayor,Stephen Appiah and Asamoah Gyan,Liwin,Agya Koo,Kwabena Kwabena (who was the captain),Tinny,Obour,Funny Face (who was the Goal King after scoring ...

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REALLY? An Orgasm A Day Can Lower A Man’s Risk Of Prostate Cancer By 20% — Study Reveals


-Men who Erupt more frequently lower their risk of the disease -Those who Erupt 21 times a month or more cut their risk by 22% -This was compared to men who ejaculated up to 7 times a month -Theorists say orgasm flushes out cancer-causing chemicals and old cells Regular orgasms can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, a study has ...

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REALLY? Men who date women with slim waists are less likely to have performance issues in the bedroom – RESEARCH


A waspish waist has been the desire of women the world over for decades. Now, new research has unveiled the reason why men too prefer women with a slender middle. Scottish researchers have found that the slimmer a woman’s waist, the more satisfied her partner and the less likely he is to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Men find women who ...

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